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Tian Qing, Shanxi coast, is a 150 thousand square meters by the Gansu merchants to invest in the development of Limited by Share Ltd and the Gansu Tianqing group jointly build a high-quality coastal resort, siting at a world-class oxygen enriched ecological environment is located in Jinwan District - Zhuhai City, located on the south side of the Bay Area to jinhaian Road, adjacent to the bay of mature life supporting area, market, culture, health and education facilities Jubu up.
Essential information

Reference price:16500 dollars/㎡


Real estate unit:Tianqing

Address:Zhuhai City Sanzao town Jinwan District Road No. 487 East Coast

The opening date:0000-00-00 00:00:00

Date of payment:2016-10-10 10:33:09

Decorate a standard:

Building type:Under construction project

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