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Gansu chamber of Commerce building by the Gansu Provincial Federation of industry and commerce, led by Gansu Polygala grade 5A Cci Capital Ltd investment in the development of home office, will be built in order to build a "five centers" and "six platform" as the foundation, the service of private economy, service members of the chamber of Commerce Federation management service system. Project is located in the central living area of wild goose, the entrance is the Metro Line 2 station, convenient transportation. Has the standard five - star hotel lobby, 11.5 meters high highlight the luxurious, 29 KONE elevator waiting for trouble farewell. Full heat exchange of fresh air system, high-grade hollow LOW-E glass, smart office systems and other high-end configuration, to create a new business benchmark.
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Essential information

Reference price:15500 dollars/㎡


Real estate unit:Tianqing


The opening date:2016-07-21 19:12:26

Date of payment:2016-07-21 19:12:26

Decorate a standard:is fine

Building type:Mature community

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